#MakeThemListen: Send Congress Recordings of Trump’s Defense of White Supremacists

Web app allows constituents to call Members of Congress with one click and play recording of Trump calling white supremacists ‘very fine people.’

One the first anniversary of Donald Trump calling white supremacists “very fine people,” By the People as released a web app that allows Americans to send a recording of Trump’s words directly to their members of Congress. MakeThemListen.us connects constituents with their representatives and plays Trump’s own words as a way to demand he be impeached and removed from office.

“Congress may have forgotten but the American people haven't. One year ago the President of the United States defended white supremacists and members of the Klan.  That act alone should have disqualified Trump from holding the office of President, yet Congress has done nothing.  MakeThemListen.us is an effort to force Congress to grapple with the truth about the person they are permitting to hold the highest office in the land and encourage them to finally take moral action and remove him,” said Alexandra Flores-Quilty, a coordinator with By the People.

Since his comments in 2017, hate crimes have continued their historic rise across the United States. The Trump Administration has advanced the agenda of hate groups by subjecting asylum seekers to cruel and unusual punishment, stepping up ICE raids to deport immigrants without a criminal record, and implemented a travel ban on Muslims. On the anniversary of the attack, he refused again to directly denounce white supremacists.

“By supporting those who use illegal violence and aiding and comforting the Klan, Donald Trump is using the office of the President to undermine constitutional protections of equal protection under the law. This is a high crime, and it has real consequences for Americans who are living in fear from hate crimes and this administration’s policies,” said TKTKTK with By the People

On August 21st, By the People is hosting a 1000-person call to put in motion plans for their campaign to impeach and remove Trump. The plan is inspired by successful nonviolent movements to democratically change leaders around the globe, and aims to involve millions of Americans in a campaign to remove the Trump Administration.


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