Your story matters in the fight to impeach Trump. Congress needs to hear it.

On September 23, we’re taking action in Washington D.C. to demonstrate the massive support for impeachment among the American people: The People Vs. Trump.

We’re holding a people’s impeachment hearing in the halls of Congress to amplify personal testimony and make our voices heard. We all have a story to tell about how Trump threatens us, and we want to hear—and share—yours.

Use this form to submit your testimony regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump. Or, make a quick selfie video where you talk about your story and upload it here!

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This space is a blank slate for you to describe your personal testimony. Feeling stuck? Check out the questions below for inspiration.

You can use the following questions to guide your testimony:

  • How have Trump and his administration impacted your life? Your community? Your family?

  • What message do you want to send to the House of Representatives about why they must hold a vote on impeachment?

  • Who do you know who has been hurt by Trump and his administration?

  • What would impeaching Trump show the country?

  • What has it been like for you to live under Trump? (Feel free to give examples, including emotional and psychological effects.)

  • Are there stories that aren’t being told, that you can amplify? (E.g., have you visited detention centers or otherwise seen Trump’s dehumanizing policies? Have you experienced or witnessed people affected by ICE?)

  • Check out Free Speech for People’s “11 legal grounds for impeachment

By submitting this form, you’re granting By the People permission to share your story, including during The People Vs. Trump on September 23 or online. You may also receive updates from By the People about the fight to impeach Trump.

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