By the People is made up of people from across the country and from many walks of life. These principles are our basic agreements and help us work together. Anyone may affiliate and take action with us as long as they follow these principles and values. We hold each other accountable to do the following:

We keep our eyes on the prize.

Our goal is to remove the Trump administration from office -- a necessary first step in creating a country that works for all of us who call it home. Impeachment is the tool our Constitution gives us to remove dangerous leaders from office, and we have a duty to come together and use it.

We build people power.

We don’t wait for our elected decisionmakers to do the right thing. We demonstrate the will of the people by inviting our neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers to take a moral stand. Growing the movement is vital to reaching our goal.

We honor our diversity.

People of every background, identity, and circumstance are welcome to join the movement. We come from many different perspectives and beliefs, and are impacted in different ways by this administration. Yet, we are unified in action toward our shared goal. We believe all people -- no matter their race, class, gender, or political party -- will be safer if the Trump administration is removed. We work together toward this vision, knowing our differences make us stronger.

We stand for the dignity of all.

We take care of ourselves and each other. We believe that each of us deserves respect, love, joy, and rest, and we understand that each individual’s wellbeing is integral to our strength as a movement. We know that we will all make mistakes, and we believe in each other’s ability to grow and learn. We will ask for forgiveness and offer it as we deepen the bonds that connect us. We have each others’ backs, ask for help when we need it, and share our successes with others.

We are taking responsibility.

We, the People, have a duty to protect and support each other amidst the chaos and injustice of the Trump administration. As the Trump administration and its supporters call for more division and instability, we exemplify a stable force for liberty and justice.  

We are a nonviolent movement.

We practice nonviolence in our action and communication. Our goal is to increase safety and reduce harm in our communities, so we embody that in our behavior. In the tradition of nonviolent movements around the globe, we use creative protest and bold nonviolent action to move us towards our goal. We pledge not to cause harm to others, knowing this is the best way to grow a powerful mass movement. We reject all projects or campaigns that seek to remove the Trump administration through violence.

We’re one piece of a larger puzzle.

The role of By the People is to activate public support for impeachment. There are many others advancing impeachment or working to minimize the damage being inflicted on our communities. We take responsibility for the role we play, while honoring other strategies for change.

We need all hands on deck.

This moment invites each one of us to play our part. We all have roles to play, big and small. As long as our actions support our shared goal and are in line with our shared principles, we don’t need permission or approval to participate in the movement. We will only win if We the People raise our voices and find our role in the movement together.