By the People responds to Speaker Pelosi’s comments on impeachment in the Washington Post

The Washington Post published an interview with Nancy Pelosi that quotes her saying Trump is “not worth” impeachment because it is so “divisive.” In response, Alexandra Flores-Quilty of By the People, a grassroots movement calling for the Trump administration’s impeachment, said:

“You know what else is so divisive? Putting children and immigrant families into detention camps, where children are dying and going missing. Calling Nazis very fine people right after they murder a woman. Mishandling the hurricane in Puerto Rico and then lying about about thousands of Americans dying. Bragging about sexually assaulting women.

Nancy Pelosi was elected to do a job -- to uphold the Constitution, defend our democracy, and protect the American people. She doesn’t get to cherry pick the Constitution and give Trump a pass because she is afraid to take leadership.

The people demand impeachment -- and if Congress refuses to do its job to protect the Constitution, this country, and the people in it, then the people will lead. That’s why on March 19th Americans all over the country are going to their Member of Congress’s district office to tell them it’s #TimeToImpeach.”


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Mara Schechter