Are you a Member of Congress interested in taking the Pledge to Impeach? Continue reading to find out how you can join in the effort to stop this President and build a democracy for all of us.

We The People are calling on Congress to do its job. Every day brings new revelations that Trump has broken the law or violated the Constitution. If we don’t check his power and remove him from office, this will become the new normal. Congress can’t let the President get away with taking bribes, manipulating our election, trampling on our rights, or intimidating and attacking opponents. In a real democracy, no one is above the law --- including the President. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a public safety one.

The Pledge

I pledge to defend the Constitution and the American people by voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump. As a concrete first step, I pledge to co-sponsor and vote for a resolution to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to investigate fully and completely whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach President Trump.

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1. Print out the pledge here.
2. Take a photo of yourself signing the pledge above.
3. Post the photo or pledge statement on social media with #PledgeToImpeach
4. Fill out this form to confirm with By the People.