We Vote To Impeach

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Americans are turning out in record numbers to vote because we want to see Donald Trump held accountable for his high crimes, and impeached.

His impeachable offenses include cruel and unusual punishment directed at families seeking asylum, encouraging racist violence, and accepting millions of dollars from foreign governments through his corporations.

Signing the Vote to Impeach pledge makes it clear that we are voting to support impeachment, and committing to taking action to mobilize millions of Americans after the election.

Sign the pledge:

I say enough is enough. I do not accept a country led by liars and abusers who want to divide us. We need to defend the equality and dignity of all who call America home — no matter where we come from, their religion, or the color of their skin.

I will vote on November 6 for bold, principled leaders, but I know that voting is only the first step. Starting on November 7, I will help organize millions of my fellow Americans to force our new Congress to impeach and remove Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. We deserve an America that works for all of us.

What happens next?

After the Midterm elections, it is time for us to define the fight. We the people and our newly elected Members of Congress MUST make impeachment the top priority. Trump and his team are committed to hateful values that harm the vast amount of people in this country. We will not back down.

Holding Congressional hearings or sending disapproving tweets alone will not keep us safe. As long as Trump is in office, he will be a threat to our lives and our liberty.

Starting on November 9th, we will kick off a new wave of grassroots organizing to say that impeachment must start now. Click here to take a leadership role in what comes next.

Who supports impeachment?

See where your Members of Congress stand on impeachment here:

Are you a Member of Congress who wants to make the pledge to Vote to Impeach? Fill out this form here.

Are you part of an organization that wants to join the fight to impeach? Let us know here and we’ll be in touch soon.