we hold these 5 truths
to be self-evident:

+ 1. The Trump Administration has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

Every single day, the Trump Administration threatens life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The framers of the Constitution called abuses of power 'high crimes and misdemeanors,' and gave Congress the power to impeach Presidents to stop them.

Here are some of the high crimes committed by this administration:

  • Cruel and unusual punishment separating the children of asylum seekers from their parents, and then indefinitely detaining entire families.
  • Encouraging racist violence by calling white supremacists ‘fine people,’ and sharing neo-Nazi propaganda, including an urban legend calling for Muslims to be shot with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.
  • Casually threatening nuclear war that would kill millions of people.
  • Allowing over 4500 Americans to die in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, while letting corporate polluters re-write laws to create more climate disasters.
  • Allowing foreign businesses and corporations to funnel millions of dollars to the President through his corporations.
  • Inviting a foreign dictator to hack our voting systems and a major political party, and then trying to cover up their involvement.
  • Obstructing justice by asking government agents to mislead the public, and then firing them to try to kill an investigation into the Administration.

The Trump administration is unchecked, and unbalanced. Congress should not wait a single minute longer to begin impeachment proceedings.

+ 2. If we don’t remove him now, this will become the new normal.

Unless this administration is impeached and removed from office, those abuses of power will become the new normal. If Congress refuses to take action, they will be sending a signal to the next administration - whatever their party - that they can engage in corruption, divide us by race and obstruct justice.

Presidents in the past have done what at the time seemed like outrageous actions, which later became normal - such as committing troops to war without Congressional authorization, or engaging in domestic spying. Unless we show that there are consequences for abuses of power, the Trump administration’s corruption, obstruction of justice, and racism will become normalized as well.

People across the world are watching to see what we do next. Removing this administration now will send a clear message to leaders here and abroad that attacking immigrants, engaging in corruption, and obstructing justice is unacceptable.

+ 3. Impeachment is how we stop what we cannot tolerate.

The Trump administration’s recklessness is redefining American values for generations to come. Whether or not we remove the Trump administration is a choice between an America where we, the people, decide our future, or one man alone decides our fate. It’s a choice between whether we can have equality, or if the President and his supporters are above the law. It’s how we can decide whether we will have government by and for all of us, rather than government by and for the corrupt few.

The authors of the Constitution included impeachment as a way to stop Presidents who attack our democracy in exactly the way the Trump administration is attacking our country now.

Impeachment and removal will say to future Presidents that they cannot repeat Trump's abuses of power. It makes sure that we are taking a step towards an America that works for all of us, no matter who is in office next.

Impeachment is the democratic, Constitutional process for investigating and removing a dangerous and unchecked President.

+ 4. The only thing that can remove the Trump Administration is us, the American people.

We can either continue to fight the Trump Administration issue by issue, tweet by tweet, or unite to remove them from office.

We all have power, and we all must pick a side. Congress will only take action when people from everywhere in our schools, churches, civic groups, business leaders, and beyond to demand they pick a side.

You are the missing piece of the puzzle. We have the power to force action to remove this administration.

+ 5. We must take responsibility for building a country that works for all of us. Impeachment is the first step.

We believe America should protect the rights and dignity of everyone who calls it home. In the richest country in the history of the world, everyone could have the things we need to thrive. We cannot let the rich and powerful to divide us by attacking people on the basis of their race, or language, or religion.

Just as the #MeToo movement is not just about firing individuals, but about shifting our culture away from sexual abuse, so too is this not just about removing individuals from office. This is a movement about a future America that works for everyone. If we work to kick the Trump administration out but then think our work is done, we will have failed.


our plan to win

Only a movement by the people is powerful enough to impeach and remove the Trump Administration. If millions of Americans come together with a shared demand, we can force Congress to act.

Our nonviolent plan will unfold in three phases:

  1. Unite - We will bring together Americans who agree that impeachment is possible and necessary.

  2. Mobilize - We will take mass nonviolent action to demand that Congress respond to millions of Americans calling for impeachment.

  3. Win - We will demand institutions and leaders in every Congressional District pick a side, until impeachment and removal becomes inevitable.


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