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Impeachment summer calls

Each week, By the People leaders meet to share stories, strategies, and insights related to our ongoing fight for impeachment.

Whether you’re a seasoned organizer or you’ve never done anything like this before, these calls are for you!

Register for our Impeachment Summer Calls every Sunday at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT:

Add your Name to tell your Member of congress To Support The Resolution for impeachment:

Since it began, the Mueller investigation has demonstrated that Trump is a corrupt liar who values despots and dollars over the lives of Americans.

Trump's abuses of power, including violating our separation of powers with his fake national emergency, along with his everyday dangerous behavior, have and continue to put us all at risk. Trump's many other egregious and unconstitutional acts committed in plain sight warrant only one thing: impeachment.

It’s time for Congressmembers to fulfill their oath to defend the Constitution. It’s time to co-sponsor and vote for Rep. Rashida Tlaib's resolution to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment investigations.

Click “start writing” to email your Representative.

get the guIDE

What will it take to impeach and remove Trump?  By now it’s clear that Congress will not act to remove Trump unless we make it a political necessity for them to do so.

History tells us that nonviolent social movements can quickly change the tide of public opinion and shape national decisions. Congress will only act when there is a groundswell of pressure coming from millions united around the demand for impeachment.

This is your guide to how we, the people, can create that movement.



It's up to us.

The legacy we leave to the next generation depends on how we answer the question: “What did I do to make this the kind of country we can all live in?”

Unless we remove Trump now, his abuses of power will become the new normal.

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