+ Why Impeachment?

Impeachment is how we stop what we cannot tolerate. The authors of the Constitution included it as a way to stop Presidents who attack our democracy in exactly the way the Trump administration is attacking our country now. Impeachment will stop Donald Trump’s abuses of power, and prevent the next President from repeating them.

Our country is at a crossroads and what we do now will determine what kind of country exists for generations to come.

We can either allow powerful men like Trump abuse their power and divide us based on the color of our skin, or where we were born, or our religion, or we can unite, impeach this administration and make this country work for all of us.

+ Isn’t Mike Pence as great or a bigger threat?

Right now Mike Pence is able to move his agenda forward as one of the most powerful members of the Trump Administration. The most effective way to limit his power is to build a movement to impeach Trump and Trump-ism.

Impeaching Trump will draw a line, and say to future Presidents that they cannot repeat his abuses of power. It’s a wholescale rejection of Trump-ism. The movement we build will help defend against any attempts to return to Trump's abuse of power. In that way we can make sure that we are taking a step towards an America that works for all of us, no matter who is in office next - Mike Pence, or otherwise.

+ Why do we use a nonviolent strategy and reject violence?

Organized and strategic nonviolent action is the most effective way to protect all Americans. Research has shown that movements that fully reject violent tactics are repeatedly demonstrated to be more effective in protecting rights and democracy, and in defending against backlash from corrupt and abusive people in power. Nonviolent action is the most responsible tool for creating a profound change in American society, and making our government work for all of us.

We reject all projects or campaigns that seek to remove the Trump administration through violence, and they are by definition unaffiliated with By the People.

+ Is it possible for this campaign to succeed?

The only thing that’s powerful enough to stop the Trump administration is us -- the American people.

That’s why we’ve designed a clear plan to ignite mass movement of millions of Americans that forces Congress to remove the Trump administration. Not just through online petitions or through one big march, but by strategic, coordinated, and consistent nonviolent action.

It is not simply a matter of asking our elected officials to do the right thing. Members of Congress will eventually find it more costly to stand with Trump than to support impeachment -- if the American people demand it.

We will ask the American public over and over again: do you stand with Trump or with all of us? As the movement builds, we will force those in power to choose between their sworn oath to serve and protect the Constitution, the nation, and American people, or to continue to support President Trump in his assault on this country. We will show that business as usual cannot continue.

We believe that our power, connected to a strategy informed by successful efforts around the world, can do what it takes to remove the Trump Administration from office.

+ What is the complete Constitutional case for impeachment?

We are not lawyers. However, several organizations of experts have done excellent analysis of the constitutional case for impeachment. We recommend reading Free Speech for People's white paper on impeachment as a starting place for understanding the full Constitutional case for impeachment.

+ Is this a campaign to support Democrats?

No. This is about right versus wrong, the people versus the powerful, and all of us versus the Trump administration. All of Washington is looking out for themselves instead of protecting our country.

No matter who you voted for, if you are a recent immigrant or if your family has been here for generations, no matter your age, your gender, or your race, if you live in the biggest city or the smallest town - we all have a stake in each other’s future. Some stakes are much greater than others, but we share a common threat, and we will work together to defeat this administration, their backers, and their ideology.

+ Will organizing for impeachment backfire in November and help the Administration hold on to power?

This isn’t about political calculations. This is about what’s right for all Americans. We need to be thinking bigger than November 6th - we need to think about what kind of country we want to live in now, and in the next generation.

Millions of Americans of both parties support impeaching Trump and no one is standing up to represent them right now. The political system is failing, and we need candidates who will change that.

+ Shouldn't we wait for the Mueller investigation to finish before starting impeachment?

The purpose of impeachment is to stop abuses of power -- not enforce specific laws. Congress has impeached judges and other executive officers in the past. In more than 2/3rds of those cases, the articles of impeachment included no mention of a specific crime committed.

Waiting is not an option for the millions of us who are already reeling from their abuses of power.

There are already enough grounds and cause to remove this administration, and nothing Robert Mueller can tell us that changes that.

Trump went on national TV and called Nazis ‘fine people,’ he tweeted neo-Nazi propaganda, covered up sexual abuse by this staff, asked for the help of a foreign dictator to undermine democracy, he’s separating children from their parents - these are high crimes. Enough is enough. We don’t need to wait.

+ Will Impeaching the Trump Administration fix all of the United States’ problems?

No. The Trump administration is the escalation of generations of inequality and discrimination that has been present in this country since before its founding. Ending his administration will send a clear message that we will not accept criminalization of of black, brown, and non-Christian bodies, and serve as a step towards real justice for all. We still must mobilize and elect representatives who truly represent the American people no matter the color of our skin, where we were born, or who we love and finally make this country work for all of us.

+ What happens after we win?

Removing the Trump administration is only the first step towards an America that works for all of us. It is a rejection of people that seek to divide us on the basis of the color of our skin, the religion we practice or where we are from. We will need to continue working to make our country better, and build an America that allows everyone to have the things they need to live healthy, happy lives.

There will always be people who oppose that vision. Those who benefit from the Trump administration’s abuse of power will try to hold on to power. But impeaching and removing them from office is the most effective way to protect our democracy and give all of us the tools we need to keep building our country into what it needs to be.

+ I'm part of a local organization that already supports impeachment. How can I get involved?

If you’d like to start a By the People campaign as part of an existing group, contact us on the form above and we’ll get you plugged in.

+ How is this project different than others that have started since the 2016 election?

We believe the movement to oppose the Trump administration is missing a crucial piece: mass mobilization around a shared demand to remove them from office. We believe that the combination of mass participation, local organizing and creative resistance will spark the next wave of action needed to end the Trump administration.

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