Take the first steps:

Millions of Americans already support impeachment. The way to make it happen is to demonstrate our support for removing the Trump Administration in public. If we grow the movement, and show the size of our support, then Congress will be forced to act.

1. act  make this viral

Share your individual resolution to fight for impeachment on social media. #IResolve

    More Americans support impeachment than approve of the president’s performance. Let’s make that visible.

    2. RECRUIT → bring in your people

    Reach out to everyone who likes, shares, or retweets your online action and invite them to sign up.

    When we grow the movement, we get closer to our goal.

    3. TRAIN → prepare to win

    Attend a Welcome Webinar to hear about how you can help us win.

    The next time the Trump administration does something egregious, we have a plan to act.