#ImpeachNow: Take to the streets

March to impeach Trump, October 13


We are now closer than ever to impeaching Trump. After months of building public pressure across the country, our movement forced the House of Representatives to advance impeachment proceedings. But, Congress will only act if millions of us demand it.

That’s why on October 13, we’re calling for marches nationwide to demand our elected representatives #ImpeachNow. 

Trump and his administration have been wielding the executive branch to undermine our democracy, divide Americans against each other, and enrich and empower themselves. The latest incident with Ukraine is just further evidence of Trump selling out the American people in order to maintain his hold on power.

our elected representatives have a choice: they can protect Trump or they can protect the American people.

The future of our democracy is at stake. Trump and his administration have used the presidency for personal gain for long enough. Now is the time for Congress to set aside politics and act—for the good of the country and all who call it home. Impeachment is the people’s tool to stop what we cannot tolerate, and it is the only way we can create an America that values the voices and rights of all its people. 

On October 13th, we will come together across across race, gender, class, and geography to say: We want a government that works for all Americans, not for the personal gain of Trump and his friends—and we’re demanding we impeach this administration to make it happen.

If we don’t act now to demand that Congress fulfill its duty, Trump will be emboldened to carry out further abuses of power that trample on our rights, harm our families, and violate the Constitution.

The day we stop fighting for democracy is the day we lose it.

Americans have come together before to build a better America. On October 13th, we will once again take responsibility for our country and future. This time, we march to #ImpeachNow.

We are at the most critical moment in this fight yet. The ground of what’s politically possible is shifting, but we have to keep up the momentum until we’ve won.

Let’s take to the streets to demand Congress #ImpeachNow.

Note: Any By the People action must follow By the People’s principles, including nonviolence.